Kastania | La nuova linea di integratori alimentari a base di Tannino
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Antioxidant & Anti-aging
Chestnut tannin is highly rich in polyphenols, natural antioxidants that protect from free radicals damage and cellular aging

Immune System
Chestnut and Astragal extract have antioxidant effects to help during physical and mental stress

Intestinal wellbeing
Synergic action of Tannins, which regulate gut flora, and Inulin, a natural prebiotic that promotes flora growth


It is a line of dietary supplement with a unique formulation

It is an innovative product, that goes beyond the food supplement concept. It focuses on nutraceutical, science which analyzes the biological, chemical and medical interactions of the body during nutrition.
The blend is unique and patented.. It is a concentrate of polyphenols and prebiotic active ingredients from chestnut tree tannins and chicory inulin.
The active ingredients are pure, bioavailable, and with no contaminations or additives.

100% Natural and of plant origin

Highly pure and intact active ingredient

Natural and 100% biodegradable

Processed at cold temperatures to maintain the active ingredient intact

Ecological manufacturing process

Raw materials from controlled reforestation woods

Extract with water to maintain the molecules intact

Kastania is a

tannin based dietary supplement line

Senza titolo-1

Vita Sana Line

Made to solve in a totally natural way
small daily disorders.

Tutti i Giorni Line

To be taken on a daily basis for
the targeted and functional integration of the diet

Difesa Attiva Line

For a natural help during periods of physical and mental fatigue